Digimon Card Game Alternative Being EX04 Booster Box


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Digimon Card Game Alternative Being EX04 Booster Box

  • A new subspecies line of Digimon! Presenting a lineup of Digimon centered on non-standard digivolutions! Features the official debut of [GreyKnightsmon] and also includes the Omnimon-derived [Omnimon Alter-S]!
  • Increased synergy between past and present sets! This set can be used to power up [Gallantmon], [Sakuyamon], and [MegaGargomon] decks from EX02! Also includes Digimon linked to the popular [Royal Knights] theme!
  • Low pull rate SEC in the box topper! The Box Topper pack includes 1 of 6 EX04 Alternate Arts or 1 Special Secret Rare Alternate Design Reprint! This is the first time a SEC will be available as a box topper, with a low pull rate for collectors and fans to chase!
  • English version exclusive alternate design SR! This booster also includes 1 alternate design SR only available in the English version! This exclusive new design will excite players upon the English version’s release!


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